Welcome to My Painting Book

These paintings represent my love of color, form, and negative space. Because there is no concrete narrative you are free to have the space to enjoy the view. Maybe you can feel the colors and shapes creating your own narrative. I am in a big hurry to discover “painting fires” that I might have simmering, so I use a pallet knife to rescue the paint from the tube and quickly get it on the canvas. The knife seems to dance, sing, stab, and smooth, creating an energy! Many thanks to Bill Cummerford who has been a skilled “fire tender.”

I have been practicing art all my life. As a child I was always drawing figures and cartoons. Later on in high school I sculpted figures and won an award for a two-foot bust of a woman I made. In college I studied painting, sculpture, and design. During this time I painted a seven-foot mural for a religious institution and made figures cast in bronze. At the University of Wisconsin I learned wheel throwing and have not stopped making pottery since. My pottery has been shown in home shows and in high-end restaurants across the country.

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